DogWorld Phil is a fast-growing family company engaged in the exclusive distribution of high-quality pet products imported from Europe. It started as a small home business but with hard work, excellent customer service, quality goods, and clients recommending the products themselves, it quickly grew and became a known provider of the best pet products in the country.

Seeing how high premium pet food could greatly benefit dogs, LNJP Hofmann Corp. immediately sought an exclusive trade partnership with Bosch Dog Food in Germany to make their products more widely available in the Philippines. Because of the company's expansion, LNJP Hofmann Corp. eventually became a partner and the exclusive distributor of several international high-quality pet products. Because of this, the company is able to give local dog owners a better choice of dog food and the invaluable experience of living with healthy dogs.

LNJP Hofmann Corp. understands that to succeed in a price-sensitive market like the Philippines, they must offer uncompromisingly superior products that are not priced too high. With its current breadth of pet products, from food, medicine to fashion and accessories, LNJP Hofmann Corp. believe they have products that local customers will love and at prices that will make them buy.

As part of its corporate responsibility program,LNJP Hofmann Corp. actively supports animal welfare causes by donating pet food and even part of its proceeds for the sake of dogs and cats in shelters. The company is also a regular donor in a local children’s orphanage. The company is also actively supporting major dog shows and pet events to promote its products.

In the future, LNJP Hofmann Corp. aims to keep growing its product lines to keep its position as a complete provider of topnotch pet products in the Philippines. Ultimately, the company hopes to see more dogs whose health and lifestyle have been transformed for the better with the use of carefully chosen
products made with pets in mind.


158 Luningning St.
Dona Paz Subd.
SASA, Davao City

Company Contact
Email: hofmann@dogworld.ph
Office: 082 3210751
Mobile Smart: 0998 985 4292
Mobile Globe: 0977 100 9563
Website: www.dogworld.ph